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The 2013-2014 Curling season will begin in October and now is the time to join the Tartan. There are leagues for new and returning curlers. If you interested in curling on either a temporary or full-time basis there is plenty of time to join Feel free to contact us!  We will add you to our Spares list or connect you with a team that might be looking for you!

* Due to technical issues, we are unable to offer Glow Curling for the 2013-2014 curling season. We can still provide ice rentals for family games, bonspiels, mini-spiels, work parties, etc.

A Celebration of Ron's Life
A celebration of Ron Sander's life will take place here at the rink Monday April 14 at 2:00 pm. Please come and join us at the place where Ron made such an impression on so many people.
Jones Team heads off to Langley BC
The Jones team captured the 2014 Optimist Clubs of Saskatchewan Provincial Juvenile Women's Championship in Carlyle and will be representing our province at the Optimist International Under 18 Championship at Langley BC. This event includes teams from Canada, the United States and Japan and will give these fine young curlers a chance to play (and win) against some of the best young teams in the world. 

The Tartan will be holding a send off for them at the Tartan on Sunday, March 30 at 3:00 PM. We invite you to come out and show your support for our team.  They may be Team Saskatchewan now but they come from the Tartan and have worked very hard with their coach Clint Krismer. They are wonderful examples of the talent and dedication here.

Team Saskachewan (from left to right):
Skip - Kaitlyn Jones
Third - Stasia Wisniewski-Starkell
Second - Shantel Hutton
Lead - Rayann Zerr
Coach: Clint Krismer
Bonspiels at the Tartan
We've had a pretty exciting March. On the 14th and 15th we had the Mechanical Contractors' Bonspiel with some fine curling and even more incredible costumes. On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd we have enjoyed having the 56th annual SaskPower and SaskEnergy Bonspiel which included the Provincial Wheelchair Curling Champions, the Darwin Bender rink. And on the younger side we have been hosting the Grade Six Bonspiel with young curlers from all over the city participating. Congratulations to Danita Zacharias for her good work organizing it. Coming up we have the Blue Goose Bonspiel and Chris Krasowski's 24 hour spiel.
Good Neighbours
As you've probably noticed the Tartan is an older building and lacks some of the features modern public buildings offer. Among these are washrooms accessible to all people. I was bemoaning this one day to Bob Bymoen, the president, and Roseann Strelezki, the treasurer, of our neighbour the SGEU because I knew I had some people coming in for whom the lack of accessibility was a real impediment to their participation in an event at the rink. Immediately they said they would see what they could do and a little while later I received a call saying we could have access to their building during our event. Shane Osberg, their director of Disability Management Services arranged everything for us and made the event that much better because more people could participate. A big thank you for their kindness.
Daily Curling Schedule


  • Hotelmen League 10:00
  • Youth League 3:30
  • Sunday Mixed League 7:00
  • Learn to Curl 7:00


  • Wheat City Senior Men’s League 9:00
  • Tartan Senior Men’s League 1:00
  • High School League 4:00
  • Yarnton Open League 7:00


  • Grade 6 Physical Education 9:30
  • Tam-O-Shanter Ladies League 1:00
  • U of R Faculty and Staff League 4:45
  • Tartan Open League 7:00
  • MooseHead Young Adult League 9:00


  • Stick Curling 10:00
  • Matinée Ladies League 1:00
  • Tartan Senior Men’s League 1:00
  • City of Regina League 6:45


  • Harmony Builders Masters Men 9:30
  • Tam-O-Shanter Ladies 1:00
  • Curl For Kids 4:00
  • Tartan Open League 7:00 & 9:00


  • Wheat City Senior Men’s League 9:00
  • Tartan Senior Men’s League 1:00
  • Teacher’s League 4:30
  • Friday Mixed League 7:00
  • Public Ice Rental 9:00


  • Curl for Kids 11:00
  • Public Ice Rental 1:00


  • Practice Ice 12:00 NOON
  • Public Ice Rental (times vary)
  • Private Lessons (times vary)


Members Only Section

All league schedules and standings are available in the MEMBERS ONLY section of the Tartan website.  A user name and password is required for the security of our members personal information.  If you receive our e-newsletters every month you are in our database and you can receive your password by clicking the "I Forgot My Password" link on the LOGIN page of the Tartan Website.  If you are a new member or have not registered your email address with us you can Register Here.  If you have any questions or would like assistance gaining access to the members only section of the Tartan Website e-mail the Tartan Office or call us at 522-1649.

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New in March of 2010 is a Tartan YouTube Video call "Tartan Curling Club - Not Your Average Curling Club".  Check it out by going to www.youtube.com and seraching for "Tartan Curling Club" or by clicking the link to the right.  The video features footage during the Tuesday Night Young Adult League and at one of the Glow in the Dark Curling Events. 

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